Learn the basics of Arabic Grammar in 12 lessons! Unlock the intricacies & the beauty of the Arabic language through the study of Arabic Grammar (Nahw).

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Why study Arabic Grammar (Nahw)?

Ash-Sha’bee said,

النحو في العلم كالملح في الطعام, لا يستغنى عنه

“Grammar in relation knowledge is like salt in food – it is indispensable.” [Khateeb al-Baghdaadi in “al-Jaami’” (2/28)]

Knowledge of Nahw is vital for students who want to develop proficiency in their Arabic speech, as well as for those who want to further their Islamic Studies. Knowing Arabic grammar plays a pivotal role in understanding the Qur’an and other pertinent Arabic texts accurately.

What is Arabic Grammar (nahw)?

Nahw mainly deals with the study of word endings.

Who is this for?

  • This course is aimed at students who have little to no knowledge of Arabic Grammar, or for those who have studied grammar previously and want to review the basics.
  • We recommend that students have studied Arabic Language on a basic level before enrolling on this course, e.g. Arabiyya Bayna Ya Dayk Book 1 or Madinah book 1 or anything of a similar nature.

Why study with us?

Sealed with Misk Institute has developed a structured programme taught by an experienced teacher to help you learn the beautiful intricacies of the Arabic language.

Our Programme is:

Live  – lessons are taught live & online, however lessons recordings are also available

Convenient – everything you need to make your journey easy is available at the click of a button from our dedicated Student Portal!

Manageable – only one lesson per week for 12 weeks

Engaging – tailor-made self-assessment quizzes & flashcards to test your understanding

Affordable – competitive price & offers available if you register for The Misk Programme

Progressive – keep your eyes peeled for Arabic Grammar Level 2 to continue your journey towards mastering the Arabic language

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Course Includes

  • 13 Lessons
  • 14 Quizzes